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Bubba Kush

Looks: Like crystal covered Bubba Kush golf balls.
Smell: Typical Bubba smell.  Hint of pine -  heavy kush scent.
Taste: Nice and smooth.  Thick kush for sure.  No doubt you are getting stoned after your first hit.
Buzz Type: Very relaxing on the body, you will feel like you haven’t been stoned in a while after this potency sets in fully.

Purple Kush

Looks: Purple cones with about as many trichs as you could fit on a bud.
Smell: Purple, like artificial grape smell mixed with sugar smell.
Taste: Beautifully smooth, same great purple smell comes through on the taste.

Buzz Type: Indica.  Sets in a little like a creeper, you feel it’s full effects after about 5 minutes.  Warm feeling throughout your body.  I smoke this before a movie to relax, as I’m pretty prone to never sitting down.

Afghan Trainwreck

Looks: Large sticky bright green nugs with orange hairs everywhere. 
Smell: This bud had a sweet lemony citrus smell to it.  Pretty much how good Trainwreck smells.
Taste: The taste was just like the smell and it especially tasted more so once I cured it for a day.
Buzz Type: Social alert feeling high with a great head/body buzz that mellows out at the end.  This is a perfect kind of high for group smoking sessions and outings that require a bit more attention to detail.

Granddaddy OG

Looks: The flower is light green with slight neon orange hairs and forest green leaves.
Smell: This flower smells like some strong sour OG (sweet but with a slight hint of sour pine)
Taste: This particular flower has a taste like no other.  It is very, very sweet yet has hints of sour pine with an indescribable mouth watering OG aftertaste that is complex.
Buzz Type: The buzz from this medicine is amazing!!  The high has a very strong narcotic effect. It’s great for body pain as well as anxiety.  This is one of the greatest highs I have had, in a very long time.

Maui Trainwreck

Looks: Tons of bright orange hairs blaze up the sides of the colorful flowers as if it’s on fire. 
Smell: There is a dominant berry zest with underlying hints of pine and citrus. The smell is pretty loud, but not insanely intrusive.
Taste: Now this definitely bumps the grade of the medicine up for me a couple notches.  So clean, so smooth, so pleasant.
Buzz Type: The buzz sort of sets in with a creep.  When it hits, about 10 minutes after medicating, it really sort of takes over the mind in an instant.


Looks nice!  Good bag appeal.  It could be trimmed slightly better
Smell: It’s very very hard for me to describe the smell.  It’s sort of lemony/spicy/hashy smell.  None of the smells really stand out.
Taste: Tastes a lot like it smells.  A smooth hashy fruity spicy flavour, but none of the flavours stand out to much though.
Buzz Type: Strong uplifting immediate head high, which rolls all over the body after 5 or less minutes. 

White Widow

Looks: The look was great.  It was very crystal looking and the bud was very dense.  It had white and reddish hairs on it.

Smell: The smell was amazing.  After I harvested it and dried it out, the smell really showed itself.  It was a very loud smell.  It kind of smelled like a blend of citrus and a skunky smell.
Taste: The taste was amazing also.  It tasted exactly like it smelled, and the smoke was very smooth.
Buzz Type: The buzz started out in my head, and then crept into my body and hit me all at once.  It was a very strong cerebral high and it gave me the giggles lol.  I liked it a lot.