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Grand Daddy Purple

Smell: The smell could have been a slight bit better.  Nothing to complain about, but it could have made this bud closer to that A+ like it should have received. 
Taste: It was like candy, but could have been addictive with a good flush. 
Buzz Type: The buzz was very relaxing and had a high medicinal benefit.  I woke up this morning starving to the point where my stomach hurt.

OG Kush

Looks: Small green popcorn size nugs with orange to brown pistils.
Smell: Strong Kush scent. If you have ever tried 707 Headband you will know the signature smell when you take a whiff of this herb.
Taste: Similar to the smell. OG Kush left me with a nice aftertaste in my mouth.

Buzz Type: Some couch lock may be involved. The indica effects were not too overpowering. Just that classic OG buzz.

Afghan Kush

Looks: Beautiful nice dense nugs, good light green coloring.  Brown hairs scattered through out, trichomes all over the place!
Smell: The smell is strongly skunky yet it also is some hints of something fruity. 
Taste: The inhale was very smooth with a thick musky taste and a little spicy!
Buzz Type: After about 10 minutes of smoking (3 snaps at this point), I can definitely feel your legs and arms tingle.  My eyes are getting heavier already!  I’m going to roll the rest of up in a J and I’ll get back to you on the final stages. 

White Rhino

Looks: Chunky light green buds with bright orange hairs. Tons of hairs that hang off the buds like troll hair. Lots of crystals cover every green part of the bud.

Smell: Very fresh earthy smell with hints of berry fruit. When I broke it up it smelled liked fresh berries. Smells absolutely delicious!

Buzz Type: Although the buzz isn’t as pleasing as I would like, they do have a nice body buzz that remains constant throughout the buzz.
Buzz Length: Buzz lasts a good 2 hours.  Longer if I smoked enough.

Grand Master Purple

Looks: More visually pleasing than the actual buds.  Short leaves close to completely purple buds.
Smell: Smells like skunk and cold dirt.

Taste: Very tasty, earthy/skunky.

Buzz Type: Although the buzz isn’t as pleasing as I would like, they do have a nice body buzz that remains constant throughout the buzz.
Buzz Length: Medium.  The best of the high lasts for an hour and then some, not quite a solid hour and a half.

Green Crack

Looks: Very pretty buds.  Light green, orange hair, firm but light somehow.
Smell: Sweet citrus.  A hint of skunk.
Taste:  Just okay version of the smell.  Super smooth though.  No coughing at all.

Buzz Type
:I suddenly can’t type fast enough.  Gonna be one of those “And there he goes off on some weird tangent” herbs for sure.  Very clear-headed.  No paranoia.  Probably not everyone’s favorite because it’s just so different.  But definitely the herb you want if you need to wake up and do stuff.


Looks: Depending on lighting, it looks like it has a blueish hue to it.  But under sunlight it looks yellowish with dark blueish green sugar leaves poking out here and there.
Smell: The smell is a sharp sour berry with the slightest cleaner smell coming through as well.  it’s a fruity smell overall that has a nice smell, Taste: The taste is much like the smell, kind of like a blueberry.
Buzz Type: Despite this being some very nice looking Greenhouse herb, the high was pretty mild- almost weak.

Jack Herer

Looks: These nugs looked like tiny, airy, wet Christmas trees.

Smell: Went from “yuck” to “meh” after a week’s curing.  I’m thinking these guys rush their herbs to market.  If anything, it smells like pencils.  Major deduction here.
Taste: Wow!  Where the hell did THAT come from? Perfumey, spicy, flowery haze.  Few herbs are as tasty as JH.  Most decent herbs in the 70?s had that “haze” taste.

Buzz Type: More indica than I expected.  Pretty much just an overall mellow.  Not what I was expecting.

Royal Kush

Looks: Very dense and icy looking flowers.
Smell: Super pungent scent to this strain making it evident that the Skunk #1 won out on the stank competition.  The Afghani Kush is still there but only comes out when you smoke it or smell it in the air.
Taste: Pine, hash, skunk oil, citrus, pineapple.  A joint tasted pretty spicy and fruity on each puff.
Buzz Type: Buzz pounds you quickly bringing on some euphoria and body numbing.  Started cracking up at the stupidest shit so I think this would be good for depression and pain relief.