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Blue Dream

Looks: The buds were light green.  It was some caked up bud with neon hairs.

Smell: This Blue Dream had an overpowering sweet blueberry smell.
Taste: The taste was just like the smell.  Mildly sweet on the inhale and a strong blueberry flavor on the exhale.
Buzz Type: Sativa all the way.  It hit me hard and strong right away with cerebral effects.

Sour Diesel

Looks: Spot on! Sour Diesel has the prototypical Sour D look where the swollen, resin covered empty seed pods loosely seem to grow in vertical “foxtail” like buds.
Smell: 1 word, SOUR. I know your saying to yourself “duh, what else?”. Trust me when I tell you that not all Sour D is Sour smelling.
Taste: Sour D tastes a lot like it smells in that the sourness is ever present.
Buzz Type: Energetic to say the least. Very inspirational and creative buzz that will have you talking up a storm. Not for introverts.

Purple Cheese

Looks: This Purple Cheese pheno has a very sativa-like look to it.  The colas were shaped like spears, but had a great density to them.
Smell: This Purple Cheese has a very pungent sweet, cheesy aroma.  The sweet smell reminds me of a berry-like purple strain, and the cheesy funk makes the smell stand out as soon as you pop open the jar.

Taste:The flavor of this strain is amazing.  It has a pungent sweet, berry-like taste with a cheesy funk that makes the taste that much better.  Probably the tastiest bud I’ve grown to date. 
Buzz Type: Very nice

Super Lemon Haze

Looks: Very sticky big buds.  Coated in a good number of crystals completely visible to the eyes.

Smell: Almost like a lemon pine cleaning agent.  Very, very, very strong spicy smell straight out of the bag.  Probably one of the most potent cannabis smells I’ve had the pleasure of smelling.

Taste: Just like it smells to be honest.  Had a weird but good taste on exhale.

Buzz Type: Huge head buzz from the first hit.  Great video game cannabis for sure.  I kind of felt quite relaxed though while my head was in constant motion.